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HCG Personal Care Products Baby Oil Mineral Oil. Tiffalina's HCG Diet Safe Lip Balm.Dec 10, 2018 Hygiene Ideas while on the HCG Diet. 1. ) Soap: Use products with baking soda, Zest, Dial and Ivory to name a few. They are great skin products which are free from any fats or oils. 2. ) Body deodorants: It is best to use deodorants that contain baking soda as well as Thai stick. hygiene products for hcg diet

Jun 05, 2009 Approved hygiene products. While organic is suggested, it is only necessary to avoid products with fat (ex lanolin) and oil to avoid weight gain while on the HCG diet by the absorption of the body. However, Kevin Trudeau suggests organic products cleanse the body while helping it to lose at a more rapid, efficient rate with healthier results.

Mar 19, 2012 Ok, it's 2012, I don't see alist of hygiene products up to date or a list of ok hygiene products we can use on this diet. When i mean list, i mean a list of all brands. I am a newbie, and the easier it is to have a list stickied at the top of the forum, I believe the better. Nov 18, 2009 Well, if you are on the HCG diet, you will be looking at all these products because most of them are a total NO NO or you will not see results. Cosmetics. Cosmetics, these are a big no, no. Outside of a little lipstick (if it contains no Lanolin), eye pencil and a mineral powder (that contains no lanolin).hygiene products for hcg diet The original HCD diet plan forbade the consumption of oil or the use of any body lotions or hygiene products. The original HCG diet lacked explicit guidelines on dosing of HCG, only outlining broad 23day and 46day cycles of hormone use.

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HCG Diet Hygiene Questions. The HCG Diet can be confusing find awesome answers to the most commonly asked questions HERE! Below you will find the answers to the following questions Do I need change my hygiene products on the HCG Diet? What type of makeup can I use on the HCG Diet? Can I use my lotion while on the HCG Diet? 1. ) hygiene products for hcg diet Sep 18, 2014 Make sure you remember as you are making decisions on the diet that oils you eat and put on your skin will be absorbed and used by your body. That can distract your body from burning the fat cells you are releasing with the help of the HCG. Most mineral based products should be fine. Sep 03, 2014  All products with fats, lanolin, butter, petrolatum, glycerin and petroleum jelly are not good for you. Best Products to Use with HCG. After knowing the negative effects of oil based products in your HCG diet plan, you are perhaps wondering where you will get a Tiffalina's Personal Care Hygiene Product Ingredients For OilFree Diet Protocols; HCG Diet Videos HCG Videos; Blog; Free HCG Phase 3 Recipes Free HCG Maintenance Recipes Warning; Free Diet Recipes. About Our Products; HCG Diet Before and After Pictures; The Health Conscious Guru (HCG) Diet Store News; RSS Syndication; Account The HCG Diet has also had some odd rules. For example, it required the consumption of only one vegetable per meal, prohibited the use of oil, body lotions and hygiene products, and limited use of the HCG hormone to odd cycles of 23 and 46 days.

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