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2019-10-14 20:03

Jul 13, 2012  The BBC looks at two bitterly divided camps that have for years driven sporadic protests in Thailand the redshirts and the yellowshirts. The redshirts began as supporters ofHow can the answer be improved? thailand red shirts protest

Thai Red Shirts protest against Thai Government, 2010 (mainly or initiated by) people of color The government never called for new elections and gave practically no concessions to the protesters. As groups, the red shirts and the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship still existed after the campaign ended. Thai redshirts

May 21, 2019 A Thai mother's long fight for justice over 2010 deadly crackdown. Kamonket Akkahad was shot as she treated the wounded in the bloody crackdown on the Red Shirt protests nine years ago. May 19, 2010 Thailand protests: Bangkok burns as army smashes Red Shirt camp Downtown Bangkok became a flaming battleground as an army assault forced antigovernment protest leaders to surrender, enragingthailand red shirts protest At a demonstration in front of Prem's residence, a yellow shirted driver plunged her car into a crowd of UDD protesters injuring several before driving away. She was not arrested. Abhisit denounced the UDD protesters as national enemies . Abhisit issued a red shirt decree that empowered the government to censor television broadcasts.

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May 18, 2019  (New York) Thai authorities have failed to punish policymakers, military commanders, and soldiers responsible for the deadly crackdown on Red Shirt protests in May 2010. thailand red shirts protest May 16, 2010  Red shirts are now reported to be moving women and children into a temple within their zone. The army has a set a 2: 30pm curfew today (yes, an afternoon curfew) whereby anyone moving in Thousands of antigovernment 'red shirt' protesters rallied in the old Thai capital of Ayutthaya today to demand the release of their leaders and scores of comrades detained since bloody protests The Thai army stormed the redshirt encampment in a bloody crackdown in central Bangkok forcing antigovernment leaders to surrender, but violent protests flared up across the city in response. May 03, 2011  Descent into Chaos Thailands 2010 Red Shirt Protests and the Government Crackdown I. the Red Shirt protesters were joined by betterarmed and fastmoving Black Shirt militants armed with AK

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