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2019-09-22 14:58

Forgot Password System Requirements: Create an Account: Please contact for any queries.Answers to Quiz on SGXListed Specified Investment Products. The Singapore government deems it necessary to treat its citizens like children and force them to take a humiliating online quiz before allowing them to use their own money for trading. sgx listed specified investment products quiz

Dec 23, 2012  As an investor, you have access to a wide range of products with varied features and risk exposures listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). Some products may have terms and features that are not as well known and widely understood as others. These products are referred to as Specified Investment Products. Some SIPs are listed [

2. What are Specified Investment Products? Specified Investment Products are products that have terms and features that may be less well known and understood. The current list of Specified Investment Products on SGX securities market includes: Certificates Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) Specified Investment Products (SIPs) are financial products that may not be as widely understood by retail investors as others, as their structures, features and risks may be more complex in nature. Note: Passing score for SGX Quiz is 75. Investment or Trading Experience. For Listed SIPs: transacted in Listed SIPs for at least two (2sgx listed specified investment products quiz About SGX Online Education Programme: SGX Online Education Programme is an online educational programme to teach basics of Specified Investment Products. You can also take the SGX Online Education Programme test or quiz to gauge your grasp on the Specified Investment Products materials that were taught.

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Nov 05, 2018 Sgx online education Quiz. Found a website where you can refer to, while taking the quiz SGX Online Education SG Market Watch, 10: 49 AM# 2: bigrooster. Senior Member Been trying to register for the SGX online quiz. They sent me the password but not the UserID. The website is ridiculously outdated and the contact email icons don sgx listed specified investment products quiz Dec 13, 2011  SGX Specified Investment Products have structures, features and risks that may be more complex in nature. These products on the securities market are marked with a @ suffix on the SGX website and Members trading screens. All products listed on SGX, other than those provided below, are SGX Specified Investment Products: Shares Specified Investment Products (SIPs) To safeguard the interests of retail investors in Singapore, since 1 January 2012, MAS has All overseaslisted investment products are classified as SIPs except the following which are classified as EIPs: Pass an online quiz; Begin eTutorial. SGX Online Education on

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