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Oct 18, 2008 How to Make a T Tunic for a Renaissance Fair. Need a Renaissance Fair costume that's cheap, quick and easy to make? A ttunic is a simple shirt that can be made with few materials and little to no skill yet still look great. With it youSep 25, 2013  ARROW LAUNCHES SUPERLUXE: THE STITCHLESS SHIRT First time ever. The Biggest Innovation in the Apparel Industry India, SEPTEMBER 24 TH 2013 Arrow, the brand with a legacy of having dressed gentlemen for over 160 years and known for innovations, now launches the biggest innovation of all time SUPERLUXE The Stitchless Shirt, for the FIRST TIME ever in India A shirt stitchless shirt wiki

Define stitchless. stitchless synonyms, stitchless pronunciation, stitchless translation, English dictionary definition of stitchless. informal the least fragment of clothing: he wasn't wearing a stitch. 6. (Agriculture) agriculture the ridge between Arrow had launched a luxury shirt collection, SuperluxeThe Stitchless Shirt, the

Mens wear brand Arrow is known for its range of innovative shirts. Last festive season, the brand unveiled an innovative collection of stitchless shirts priced above Rs 5, 000. The Superluxe: The Stitchless Shirt is a premium limited edition collection created without any stitch and is aimed at the upwardly mobile consumer. A stitchless Recently, Arrow launched a luxury shirt collection, Superluxe The Stitchless Shirt. While the traditional method is to join fabric panels via sewing to make a shirt, adhesive material to join fabric components has been used in making this shirt. The technology is said to eliminate the problem of puckering on the seams of shoulders, [stitchless shirt wiki Sep 26, 2013 Arrow launches SUPERLUXE the stitchless shirt. This shirt, made using patented technology is a limited edition offering. Visit your nearest Arrow store to experience SUPERLUXE.

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Stitchless TV sewing tutorials presents. the lovely Wendy Hurrell sewing a TShirt Shift Dress with Tree from Stitchless Tree. In this video we show a quick way to finish the neck of a TShirt. Read on. 21 September, 2013 09: 07 PM Stitchless commented on the project Cardinal Red Dress. I really like how you stage you photo. stitchless shirt wiki May 10, 2015  Make a new style statement with the stitchless shirts brought to you by Arrow. Stitchless shirts by Arrow is a stylish and flawless addition to the shirt manufacturing industry. Arrow is a brand that is known for its innovative and creative inventions. It has been proving its In 1979, Devo appeared with Tyvek leisure suits and shirts made specifically for the band, with the band's own designs and images. [citation needed In 2005 Dynomighty Design introduced stitchless Tyvek wallets which can be customized with whatever imagery the customer chooses. Sep 25, 2013 A shirt is typically made from different pieces of fabric sewn together. This leads to creases on the seams, and manufacturers have been trying various ways to avoid this disadvantage and constant research led to the birth of a technology used in the Limited edition Stitchless shirt. The recent launch of stitchless shirt by Arrow is probably a tipping point in the history of fabric joining technology and would expand the use of welding and bonding technology among apparel and home textiles. The technology thats already somewhat in use in undergarments and seamless garments, is primarily used in making tents, filters, signs, [

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