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2020-02-22 02:58

Oct 19, 2018 Aussie Moist is a must have for any woman with relaxed or natural hair. Curl Junkie Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment. Get the Coconut one, it smells wonderful. So it is not quite four dollars but for the work it does with just one application it is entirely worth the price.With natural weathering and damage from overmanipulation and chemicals (i. e. color treatments), we need protein treatments to fill in the gaps on the hair strands. This is just a temporary fix so it must be done regularly but the problem that many curly girls face is using too much protein. non protein natural hair products

Nov 21, 2014  Benefits of Protein Hair Care. There has been much debate about Protein Hair Treatments versus NonProtein Hair Treatments. One side of the debate strongly believes that Protein treatments are the endallandbeall of hair care while one the opposing team, NonProtein Treatments are championed as the premiere method.

Sep 04, 2017  Protein Free Products For Protein Sensitive Natural Hair You will feel as though your hair is very dry and stringy no matter how many times you wash, condition, and moisturize. Why? Because the protein you are inadvertently adding to your hair is offsetting the moistureprotein balance. Just an addition. Shea Moisture has a line of low porosity no protein products that really aid in the recovery of protein overload. . I became webbedin with all the utubers recommending fermented rice water for rapid hair growth.non protein natural hair products With natural emollients such as shea butter, honey, argan oil, and other hydrating elements, hair will be left strong and beautiful, as well as full of healthy moisture. We also offer proteinfree natural hair products for special treatments or handling certain concerns.

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Dec 11, 2012 My natural hair are naturally way too dry to be overmoisturized. Tea is a no no, it act like protein, his action is similar to henna. My hair can stand henna (mix with conditioner ) but not tea. I tried a conditioner with tea extract (garnier) and it was a disaster. non protein natural hair products

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