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Mar 09, 2018  In advance of Season 4, William Moseley and Alexandra Park of The Royals, who play Princess Eleanor and Prince Liam, came to the Bustle office toDec 22, 2016  William Moseley has been looking so hot on the third season of his hit E! scripted series The Royals and we have all of his hot shirtless moments so the royals jasper shirtless

Nov 10, 2015  14 Shirtless Moments From The Royals That Will Get You All Hot and Bothered By& by Gabi Duncan badboy bodyguard Jasper and their fellow

Sir Jasper Frost KCMG is the former bodyguard of Princess Eleanor and Prince Liam. Most recently he is a security detail to King Robert and is in a relationship with Princess Eleanor. He was awarded a knighthood in Season 4. Jasper keeps his past a secret from everyone, but a few facts have been May 09, 2016  And, after a heated on againoff again relationship, bodyguard Jasper (Tom Austen) tries to capture Princess Eleanors (Alexandra Park) heart one more time just as they are about to face theirthe royals jasper shirtless Sep 17, 2015 Jasper (Tom Austen) will be shirtless and all will be right with the world. Jasper will glower at at least one person. There will be at least one fight. There will be at least one horse.

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Dec 05, 2015  Watch Shirtless Bodyguard Inspire Gay Character To Play Ball In The Royals Clip If you bitches kick it anywhere near my face, I will destroy the royals jasper shirtless

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