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Spider Catalog is one of the best Joomla Product Catalog extensions available in JED. It is a convenient tool for creating catalogs and is provided with extensive functionality and an easytouse backend interface. Basically, this extension is for organizing the items (e. g. commercial products) represented on your website into catalogs.Jun 08, 2009 I am a webmaster& Realtor I have used& tested every real estate listing component available for Joomla including forks and other php scripts. I would be interested in seeing what you've developed and I hope you share! joomla component listing products

Quick Access Tool for Joomla Admin. Quick Component Listing for Admin Panel is another innovative Joomla module from Joomboxr. This one is a admin part module. Download and install this module in cpanel position for admin part.

ARI Quiz is a powerful Joomla! quiz component which provides ability to create various tests to evaluate respondent's level of knowledge. It can help organizing quizzes on your Joomla site. It contains many settings and can be configured for your needs. Aug 24, 2012 The product listing page would just need to be a table showing 1520 products, with next and previous page buttons if required. Clicking on a product opens up it's own page with full details. Each product will also have images associated with it.joomla component listing products Joomla! Templates Right place to be if you are looking for Professional high quality Joomla! Templates. We don't stop at template designs, we compliment them with inhouse developed extensions to provide the features and look, which ain't possible with traditional templates. Don't take our words for it, checkout the demo and showcase of our templates, surely you will nod in agreement.

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But I need to display the product category select list box with search option like position field in module manager. I have include my coding below class JFormFieldProductCat extends JFormFieldList The form field type. joomla component listing products DJ Catalog 2 Frontend Submission This Video Tutorial explains how to setup frontend submission in DJ Catalog 2 directory extension. You can see how to configure the component to allow users submit items from the frontend, how to create user itemsproducts view, how to submit an item as an user and more. Sep 18, 2013 CM Coupon Listing is a Joomla! component which gives you ability to setup a coupon listing website, where merchants or customers can register and submit discount offers like coupon code, coupon image, discount activation link, affiliate link; this helps the merchants promote their trademarks, promote their services and earn more sales, this also helps customers purchase for their favorite Furniture catalog Joomla Template demo site. Browse the demo site example of best Joomla template for furniture company. Interior product catalog Joomla template List Of Items (Blog) Sep 21, 2008  I am looking for a component where I can addmanage my products. 1) I would like to show overall details in a list, such as small image, title, category. Access Control List (ACL) in Joomla! 2. 5 Migrating and Upgrading to Joomla! 2. 5 Security in Joomla! 2. 5 Extensions for Joomla

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