How to fold long sleeve button down shirt

2019-08-19 23:30

Dec 11, 2017 How to Fold Long Sleeve Shirts. A long sleeve shirt can be one of the trickiest clothing items to fold. Use the KonMari method to fold all of your long sleeve clothing items, like long sleeve Tshirts, dress shirts, and sweaters. ThisFold the Tshirt in half so that the left sleeve is perfectly positioned atop the right sleeve. Smooth the Tshirt with your hands to remove wrinkles if necessary. Fold the sleeves on top of the Tshirts torso to create a rectangle. Fold the Tshirt in half or in thirds to fit the size of your drawers or shelves. how to fold long sleeve button down shirt

How to Fold a ButtonDown Shirt. Take one arm and fold it over the back of the shirt, bringing half the body of the shirt over. Fold that same arm back on itself and down at an angle. Repeat on other side. Bring the shirttail halfway up the back, then fold the bottom half once more to meet the shoulders. Flip over and smooth out any creases.

Feb 08, 2018 How to fold a shirt with long sleeves the KonMari way. The key to shirtfolding success: Fold the long sleeve all the way over to the opposite edge, and then fold it down toward the bottom while following the line of the shirt. Try your best to avoid making the sleeves overlap each other, which would only make the shirt take up more space than necessary. Fold the sides to the middle. Fold in both sleeves again, this time bringing the shirts side seams in evenly from shoulder to hem, so they meet under the collar, forming a broad V shape there. (The sides wont necessarily meet farther down the shirt. ) Fold in half to fold long sleeve button down shirt

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