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Oct 29, 2013  What is GSM? GSM is measurement of the density of a fabric. Simply put it represents the thickness of your fabric. Intended use of your tshirt should drive your choice of GSM. Promotional Ts, fest Ts can be done really well with GSM fabric, whereas collard TsDec 18, 2012 If you're looking at a t shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt and the GSM is not listed any where; ask the seller. If they don't know or do not respond that would personally set off an alarm bell for me? So in summary GSM is simply the fabric weight of a clothing item. Thanks for reading my guide and I hope you have found this informative. gsm t shirt

GSM is a term that is vaguely used when people order custom t shirts. We get many queries from people looking for 180 GSM T shirts. They mostly do not know the meaning. This article is written with the intent of solving your T shirt needs or helping you if you are planning to be a T shirt entrepreneur. GSM means Grams per square metre.

Mar 14, 2018  What is the definition of GSM when looking for specific fabric? Youve heard of a 5050 or a 8020 tshirt. 5050 means 50 cotton and 50 polyester or 80 cotton and 20 polyester, but have you ever seen the gsm listed and wondered what that meant? Simply put; thats the weight of the fabric. Read More Aug 13, 2014 GSM Grams per Square Meter. A measurement system more commonly seen in paper, but also seen in tshirts, it measures the weight of the sheet (of fabric, paper, etc. ), which will give you some indication of its thickness. I think a Gildan# 2000 is 180gsm, but I'm not sure.gsm t shirt Oct 26, 2016 That will depend on what you need from your garment, fabric weight is in almost all cases a definition of the thickness of the garment itself. If you want a nice thick T Shirt then a gsm item is generally at the very top end of a t shirt we

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Dec 27, 2017  Has range from 150 GSM TO 180 GSM Tshirts. Addiction Bazaar includes plain Shirts& Pants, sweatshirts printed and plain, Joggers printed& plain n Hoodies printed& plain both. Tees have one more category apart from printed, Tshirts can be embroidered also. All gsm t shirt

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