Walmart employees throwing ipads

2019-09-17 07:33

Nov 16, 2012 I know that when the men are unloading the trucks for overnight freight, they don't really think about what the item is. They have a time limit that they have to be done and they are trying to get it done as quickly as possible. They break thingsNov 14, 2012 This is the viral video of the WalMart stock boys who filmed themselves throwing iPads. One of the WalMart employees shot a camera phone video of the stupidity, while the others played catch with walmart employees throwing ipads

Nov 09, 2012 Walmart Employees Throwing iPads Walmart (Organization) Walmart Apple iPad ipads throwing employees employee walmart employee walmart employees destroying breaking dropping dropping ipads

Nov 09, 2012 iPads in flight, or a cautionary tale about shopping at Walmart If it wasnt for smartphone cameras, a huge percentage of dumb employees would get away with sabotaging customer food orders or breaking warehouse stock of the latest consumer gadget. Nov 10, 2012 Walmart spokesman said the company execs had one response after viewing the embarrassing video of employees tossing around iPads: it made them wince. 'We've seen the video of several night shiftwalmart employees throwing ipads

Walmart employees throwing ipads free

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