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The LS350 Long Sleeve Folder attaches to the K950 Automatic Folding System, where it automatically folds longsleeve Tshirts& other longsleeve garmentsNov 15, 2011 How to Fold a Long Sleeve TShirt in 5 Seconds. Performed in Natily's Laundromat, Airdrie long sleeve shirt folder

Follow these shirt folding instructions for help when folding long sleeve shirts LS Tshirts and folding Collared Shirts. Open shirt face down on the FlipFOLD Shirt Folder. Fold bottom of the shirt even with bottom edge of shirt folding board and fold sleeves in even with edge board.

Mar 17, 2011 Fold the right sleeve back on itself and smooth the shirt flat again. Using your hand as a guide, fold the shirt in half one time. Straighten and smooth as needed for a finished look. Hint: If you store longsleeved shirts and sweatshirts together, always put the sweatshirts on the bottom of the stack. The sweatshirts are heavier than tshirts. Dec 11, 2017 How to Fold Long Sleeve Shirts. A long sleeve shirt can be one of the trickiest clothing items to fold. Use the KonMari method to fold all of your long sleeve clothing items, like long sleeve Tshirts, dress shirts, and sweaters. Thislong sleeve shirt folder How to fold a shirt with long sleeves the KonMari way Spark JoyHouzz. To fold a longsleeve shirt, fold its edges toward the center to make a rectangle, just like how we showed you to fold a shortsleeve shirt. And remember, smooth each fold with your palm before moving to the next fold.

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