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2019-09-22 16:09

ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and its subsidiaries develop and manufacture pharma ceutical, nutritional, research chemical and cell biology products, biomedical instruments and diagnostic reagents.ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc Products: Drugs& sundries Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products, Parapharmaceutical production services, Drugs or medicine production services, Vaccines or sera or antibiotics production services, Biochemical and biotechnology production, Rubber production, Plastic and chemical industries icn pharmaceuticals inc products

Sep 27, 2018 The decision to change our name was considered carefully over a long period of time. We looked at a number of available options and determined that Bausch Health most accurately represents the full scope of our portfolio, which includes not only pharmaceuticals, but also medical devices and overthecounter consumer health products. Read more

ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a prescription and nonprescription drug developer and manufacturer that distributes its products in more than 100 countries. ICN also operates a biomedical business that accounts for roughly 7 percent of the company's sales volume. ICN is best known in the medical field for its development of ribavirin, an antiviral compound used to treat hepatitisC, herpes simplex, influenza, Nov 22, 2000 ICN Biomedicals, Inc. , manufactures and supplies over 50, 000 products for research and development in the Life Sciences and Biotechnology markets. Founded in 1960, ICN Biomedicals was one of the first companies to manufacture 32P nucleotides and other radiolabeled reagents for research. Today, ICN's product lines include: Biochemicalsicn pharmaceuticals inc products

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