Spray painting shirts wash

2020-04-01 08:14

Nov 16, 2008  Best Answer: spray paint, despite what everyone will say, is actually very good on tshirts. i do tons of personal shirts and hoodies, all using spray paint. 1. cut an image out of cardboard or foam board. 2. take the cut out and spray the cut out how you want it to appear on the shirtSep 22, 2008 Regular spray paint would probably peel off because it would be hard. I have seen fabric paint in spray bottles, but it was the kind that leaves blotches, not an all over paint job. If there is something like this in fabric paint, I've never heard of it, but I don't know why they can't make one. spray painting shirts wash

Thus, look for fabric paints at a local store, preferably opaque and heavily pigmented, that is manufactured for spray painting shirts. Use mild detergent To wash spray painted shirts, invest on a mild detergent with no bleach that is meant for machine use.

Dec 28, 2013  OneColor Prints. You can purchase two packs of five shirts from WalMart for 20. A can of spray paint is 6, and doublesided tape will run you about 4. That means that your overhead for the first batch of shirts will be 30 and there will be more than enough tape and paint Mar 27, 2011 Answers. Best Answer: I really doubt that washing the shirt would harm the spray paint. If in doubt, wash in cold water (using regular laundry detergent) and hang the shirt to air dry. I have an entire painting wardrobe . The clothes are completely covered in paint spatter. I wash these clothes in any temperature that's convenient,spray painting shirts wash

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