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2019-08-21 23:17

[NEWS Yoochun speaks up for the first time about his controversy, marriage, and wish to return. JYJs Yoochun spoke up for the first time since his sexual assault controversy. On July 17, Yoochun reached out to his fans with a sincere message via Instagram. His post reads as follows: I cant say anything else.May 22, 2011 turn on the HD in your playback settings i'm really sorry about my spazzing there. : D imagine my shock when i saw Yoochun shirtless, under that blazer. I mean, if it's Jaejoong, i wouldn't be jyj yoochun shirtless

Jan 01, 2010  JYJ 15, 803, 740 views 3: 25 2019 PARK YUCHUN TOUR CONCERT SLOW DANCE in JAPAN ( ) Duration: 4: 30.

Jun 04, 2012  Earlier this morning, he tweeted, I was about to go to bed when all the messages started pouring in Thank you so much! to which Jaejoong responded by sharing photos of Yoochun Apr 29, 2019 Original, 29 April: Former member of Kpop trio, JYJ, Park Yoochun has reportedly been arrested for drug charges, specifically the purchasing and use of Philopon, a Japanese brand of methamphetamine.jyj yoochun shirtless

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