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2019-08-21 23:09

Finally a subreddit for all things WalMart. If you have anything interesting to post, Please do. NOTE: This sub isn't heavily moderated. I do my best to keep spam out and the trolls under the bridge.Oct 12, 2014 Scientist Photographs Plastic Alien at Area 51. To the point of whether you wrote that Boyd spoke to aliens: Let me see if I have this straight. We're to believe that a man saw an alien, and his proof consists of pictures of something uncannily similar to an alien doll sold at WalMart. walmart alien boyd

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Lockheed Martin scientist on deathbed says aliens are real (VIDEO) Published time: 30 Oct, 2014 The controversial 33minute video was made shortly before Boyd Bushman died on August 7, 2014. the alien seen in Bushman's photographs is actually available to buy at Walmart, according to an investigation by Quebec station TVQC. Buy All American Alien Boy at Walmart. com For his second album All American Alien Boy, he surrounded himself with topnotch session players as well as some impressive rock royalty, that included everyone from journeyman drummer Aynsley Dunbar to jazz bass wizard Jaco Pastorius. The resulting album was a mixture of conventional Mott thewalmart alien boyd Apr 01, 2018 Mason Ramsey performance at Walmart what could you have done to make your mum tell you to sing on isle 12 in Walmart? ? ? I'm in love with this song# Walmart# yodel# trend# kids# cowboyboots# cowboy

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re: byod discount for walmart The 80 discount agreement between WalMart and AT& T is for managers that use their own devices to work from. If you are not a manager using the BYOD platform, the AT& T discount is 22. walmart alien boyd Oct 30, 2014  A news outlet in Quebec also pointed out that the alien seen in the pictures held up by Bushman during the interview could be purchased at WalMart. Did Boyd Walmart. Donna Karan. 2 Pack Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Body Cream 6. 7 Oz For Women. Alien Radiant Body Cream 6. 7 Oz For Women Features A Blend Of Amber, Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Woods. Nov 01, 2014  In a death bed confession, Boyd Bushman (a senior scientist at Lockheed Martin), wanted the world to know about all the classified data he had in his possession about aliens. In a final interview shortly before he died in August of 2014, Bushman even showed pictures of alien space craft and yes, aliens. Nov 01, 2014 Boyd Bushman: UFO Video From Lockheed Martin Scientist Debunked, Alleged Alien Really A Walmart Toy. News. Nathan Francis. Boyd Bushman sent alien conspiracy theorists into a frenzy with a deathbed video claiming he had proof of alien life, but now it appears that the Lockheed Martin scientist has been debunked.

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