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To develop innovative products, Mannatechs scientists seek unique technologies that anticipate the needs of todays sophisticated consumer. The industry leader in the Intelligent Supplementation philosophy, Mannatech formulates products using highquality, natural ingredients. Product concepts are explored and basic research is conducted in our stateoftheart researchproductThank you for requesting a FREE sample of these Mannatech products. I'll send you an email once your sample is on the way along with a little information about each product you selected. Please allow a few days for processing. Have a healthy day! mannatech products nutriverus

INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Give your body the natural support it deserves. Focus on your overall wellness with natural and plantsourced products that contain specialized nutrients that supplement the body, mind and spirit to help keep you healthy.

It is best to use NutriVerus in cold items or add it to hot items at the end of the heating period. Does NutriVerus contain gluten? No. NutriVerus is gluten free. Is this product suitable for vegetarians? Yes. Can I give NutriVerus to a child under 4? No, Mannatech recommends that NutriVerus NUTRITION THE WAY YOUR BODY WANTS IT It's been proven that most of us consume foods that don't provide the nutrients we need. So bolster your diet with NutriVerus powder, which provides the important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Glyconutrients your body craves and fills in where your food falls short. This wholmannatech products nutriverus NutriVerus uses Manapol, which is in Ambrotose complex. It also contains the aloe vera gel powder used in our Advanced Ambrotose products.

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Mannatech harnesses the benefits of nutritional glycobiology for its products before and better than anyone else. Exclusive to Mannatech, Manapol is a premium, 100 percent aloebased product designed to support celltocell communication. An excellent source of glyconutrients, Manapol is rich in acetylated mannans or acemannans. mannatech products nutriverus No, Mannatech recommends that NutriVerus powder be taken only as directed, by adults. Currently, that includes children age 4 and older. Currently, that includes children age 4 and older. If you have questions for use beyond the directions indicated on the label, you should speak to a 1800 936 367 Ireland NutriVerus powder uses Manapol powder, which is in Ambrotose complex and Advanced Ambrotose. It also contains the aloe vera gel powder used in our Advanced Ambrotose products. Using Mannatechs Real Food Technology SM solutions, NutriVerus powder is the most advanced blend of naturallysourced vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, fibre, phytosterols and polysaccharides to give your body the wholefood, energy boosting, immune

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