Wearing band shirts to college

2019-08-21 11:02

Wearing HS Tshirts in college. kimaples Registered User Posts: I'm not going to wear long sleeved shirts in college because an article said that I would look weird. us tshirts that fit us. They were always super big. I can still wear my kindergarten Field Day shirt. So that's 11 tshirts. I then have two for band, two for FieldRockstar 101: Rule Numero Uno Do not wear your own bands tshirt or band merch. Thats equivalent to Kobe Bryant wearing his Los Angeles Lakers jersey to dinner. Heres Part 1 of some rockstars breaking the law Steven Tyler Aerosmith. Michael Jackson wearing band shirts to college

Dec 19, 2017  If your buddy Sams band, Snow Plow Elixir (which is a pretty dope name for a band, because water, am I right? ), is the opening act and youre super proud, then by all means, rock that shirt. This also does not mean that wearing other band shirts to a show is off limits. I fully support doing this. Wear band shirts 247 if you can.

Mar 29, 2019 Wearing band shirts is a great way to represent an artist that you really like while also making a fashion statement. You can dress band shirts up with a skirt and blazer, or you can go for a casual look by pairing them with shorts and sneakers. Dec 19, 2010 What's your opinion on people wearing band tshirts when they've never seem the band live. I say this because normally you'd go and see a band and then buy a tshirt while there but now with the internet you can buy a band tshirt any time. I'm against people who wear band tshirts as a fashion statement, like those idiots who wears Beatles or Rolling Stones tshirts when they can literallywearing band shirts to college

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