Walmart refunded me twice

2019-08-21 10:24

Mar 04, 2013  Do I even NEED one if shes standing there SAYING SHE JUST SOLD IT TO ME! ? Finally the manager gives me my entire refund back on a walmart card, so I am going to have to spend the money at that crappy place anyway.An order that is still processing, and a charge from Walmart. com appears; All prepaid cards are charged when the order is placed and will be refunded if the order is canceled and can take up to 30 days; If you choose the Cash payment method for instore payments, and pay for your order using a credit or debit card, your card is billed walmart refunded me twice

Walmart accidentally refunded me twice. submitted 3 years ago by free160. About a month ago I bought a bike from WalMart for about 160 dollars. I didn't really like it and I decided to return it within the 90 day return guarantee. I went back to the customer service center to return it and the attendant said that since

Jul 08, 2013 I returned an item to walmart they refunded the purchase price twice i contacted them about this and they didnt do anything for like 5 months now they want the extra money and thanks to my car crapping out on me i dont have it to give them right this second what is my legal responsibility? (understand that i do intend to give it back as soon as i have it) but i want to know if i can Sep 11, 2007 Two weeks ago I bought a charger for my laptop from Walmart. It worked for 3 days. I returned it. I told the cashier at customer service, The charger does not work. Here is my receipt, I paid with my debit card, if its ok I'd rather have a gift card . She did the refund and put it right back on the debit card didn't hand me the receipt copy to sign. The manager was standing next to her instantlywalmart refunded me twice I live in San marcos ca and tried to cash the card out and a manager there named Jordan told me no because its Walmart policy to keep your money. So my warning to anyone being offered a Walmart gift for a refund do not take it ever because it is walmarts way of forcing you to spend the money at Walmart.

Walmart refunded me twice free

Free returns by mail or at your store. You will receive an email shortly at: Here at Walmart. com, we are committed to protecting your privacy. walmart refunded me twice Jul 15, 2015 I work at the Service Desk at Walmart. Personally, I would refund it, no questions asked. It's only 3, not worth the hassle for me to have someone review video footage. However, other associates may want to. Either way though, if you were charged twice, you'll get your money back. Nov 06, 2015 Walmart accidentally refunded me twice. I'm not familiar with Walmart's specific internal workings but I've been a retail store manager at two different places and something like this definitely would have caused someone to get in trouble. When I'd do inventory if something was missing a report would show all the Jul 23, 2016 A couple days later, I check my bank statement. Confused why I was out more money than I remembered spending, I looked closely and saw that the first Walmart charged me twice for the iPhone, but only refunded me once. I went in to customer service, and they told me to go to the cash office (7AM2PM). The next day, I go in and explain my situation.

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