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2019-10-23 13:39

Aug 21, 2011 Hey people! ! : ) Here's a requested DIY video for you! hope you like it! Thumbs up if you do! : ) Check out more at SUBSCRIBE AND CDIY Projects to Try: Make Your Own Fringe Tshirt. You can cut the bottom of the tshirts in pieces and then braid the straps in a right way. Of course, when you finish braiding the fringes, you may add some studs to firm the knots. Trust us and stay with us! You can have fun with the DIY projects. Hope you make a perfect fringe tshirts for summer. diy knotted fringe shirt

Jun 14, 2012 Knotted Tshirt DIY. Slip the shirt over the cardboard and continue cutting strips along the back about an inch apart until you reach the bottom. Twist the top strip once. Pull the second strip through this loop. Continue this pattern until you reach the second to last strip. Do not pull the last strip through. Cut the very bottom strip in half.

Jul 08, 2014  The Diamond CutOut Tee. To get this diamond cutout, all you need is a stencil, an exacto knife, and a tshirt. The directions in this DIY are in a What's with the knotted shirt trend? Well, it adds an interesting detail and makes your shirts fit better! This trend is still going strong, because retailers are selling the heck out of knotted shirts and twisted knot shirts. If you want to skip the higher price and just do it yourself, then you've come to the right pdiy knotted fringe shirt Hippie T Shirt T Shirt Diy Shirt Refashion Tee Shirt Cutting Cut Tee Shirts Old T Shirts Tied T Shirt Fringe T Shirts Tassel Shirt Tie a knot between two tassels are next to each other (NOT front and back) leaving about an inch of space.

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Mar 27, 2014  Spray with Tumble Dye from about a foot away from your shirt. 3. Peel off stencil and repeat if youd like more pattern on your tshirt. 4. Cut off the bottom hem of your tshirt. 5. Cut from the bottom about a quarter of the way up in 12 inch strips. Hello fringe! 6. Place beads on the fringe strands and then knot the fabric to secure. 7. diy knotted fringe shirt Feb 13, 2013 Knot the fringe. Take two neighboring fringe strips, and knot them about an inch down from where the strips begin. Do this for all the strips on your shirt. You can leave your shirt like this with small knots going around your shirt, or you can add another layer of knots to give your shirt a crisscross knotted look. DIY Knotted Fringe Statement Necklace. Faith Towers. Inspired by Brit Cos fabulous tshirt necklaces, here weve taken them a step further by letting the knots take center stage and creating more of a fringed look. Heres what youll need for your knotted fringe necklace: How to DIY the Knotted& Twist Front Shirt Knot a ButtonDown Top. This Look just adds a bit of sass to an outfit! Knot a TShirt. Of course, you can just buy a shirt that already comes knotted. VIDEO: How to Knot a Shirt and DIY a Twist Knot Shirt. Twist Knot Shirt. This twisted knot shirt from Mar 04, 2013  Reconstructing the Tshirt is a favorite past time of mine, the outcome being endless. I'm going to show you how to create a Knotted Fringe Tee, one of my takes on a classic style. You are going to need an over sized Tee, I normally where an XS

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