Grey suit blue shirt brown shoes

2019-10-23 14:52

Sep 18, 2008 Brown shoes, grey suit and blue shirt is an absolutely classic look, and one that I wear often. However, as others have said, your shoes are a bit clunky they don't look very elegant. A more classicallystyled shoe would look better with a suit, as those shoes are more suited to chinos or jeans.Grey Suit Blue Shirt. Not all shades of blue will look appropriate with your grey suit. For example, a deep blue shirt may be too much to work with a light grey. For a more casual look pair a light grey suit with a muted, powder blue. It will give your style a summery daytime vibe. grey suit blue shirt brown shoes

Oct 22, 2018  A blue suit with a brown tie and a pocket square that picks up the tones of blue and brown. Of course, you can also wear brown shoes with it but the rest of it can really vary. You can add maybe a boutonniere in light blue or not at all. Maybe you could add a third color to the outfit, it all depends on your hearts content but this

Grey suit blue shirt brown shoes free

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