Does a gray shirt go with khaki shorts

2019-09-22 13:10

Full Answer. Khakis that fall in the middle of being tan or brown look nice with grayblue, dark blue, light blue, deep pink and olive green. When someone is picking a color to go with khakis, it is important to also consider what shade best complements the person's hair, eyes and skin tone.Jul 09, 2008 The shirt is mostly gray with white and light blue stripes, and the shorts are a darker khaki. does this combo work? Follow. does a gray shirt go with khaki shorts

Sep 24, 2005 The worst would be if the gray and khaki are similar in tone then it's one of the most boring combinations imginable. Both colors rely on other colors to bring them to life pairing them up is double death, basically. Khaki, as a color, can look great with a variety of colors.

Sep 12, 2006 Thanks for the replies, it's currently 21 in favor of. I predominantly wear tankhaki color trousers but I bought a grey lambswool coat similiar to the one I linked to earlier (perhaps a slight bit darker), so I'm trying to decide if I can work it in with my usual outfits. Aug 18, 2010 ehhh. khaki pants and gray shirt could be done. but i wouldn't. for me first choice would be black shirt or darker colored shirt, then if its gonna be a colorful color nothing light. or a white shirt would work of coursedoes a gray shirt go with khaki shorts Nov 19, 2008 I've always thought of grey as a neutral color that can be worn with either black or brown for a decent look if you're too lazy to pick a more dynamic color to compliment black or brown (I'd never wear black with brown or tankhaki), though I've run into a lot of people online who say that wearing grey with brown is a fashion faux pas because grey

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Mar 23, 2006 does grey go with khakis? Source(s): grey khakis: . Teriann 4 years ago. 0. Thumbs up. 1. Thumbs down. Does a gray shirt match khaki shorts? Is it okay to wear khaki and grey together? What shoes go well with light gray khaki pants for a laid back look? does a gray shirt go with khaki shorts 36 Answer s. You can wear the navy blazer with khaki or grey pants and look really sharp. Adding a blazer to a business casual outfit means you can relax the standards a bit on what shirt you will wear. If your office has the right personality, you might be able to wear a cool tshirt under it. Women can wear lipstick of any color with gray pants, but only when they are wearing the shirt of light color. With a wide range of color available that can be paired with gray pants, everyone should consider adding gray pants in the wardrobe for looking classy whenever and wherever required. How can the answer be improved? Denim Definition. Or pull on a khakihued blouse reach for a silky Tshirt style with a pair of lightrinse boyfriend jeans rolled a couple of times at the ankles, and slide your feet into nude suede flats or pumps. Pull in a black accessory or two, such as a black motostyle jacket

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