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SIRXSLS201 Sell products and services Modification History The version details of this endorsed unit are in the table below. The latest information is at the top. Release Comments First Release This is a revised unit, based on and equivalent to SIRXSLS001A Sell products and services. Unit DescriptorWSQ Advanced Certificate in Retail (Operations) WSQ Diploma in Retail (Operations) WSQ Specialist Diploma in Retail (Operations) Sell Products and Services; National Silver Academy. Use Your Phone Smartly (Android) Selling Online; SkillsFuture Series. Introduction to Data Analytics; sell products and services wsq

Training Organisations are required to submit assessment records for nonWSQ certifiable skills training courses to SSG. From 1 May 2014, the default setting in SkillsConnect for companies which have not updated your business information by the required timeline will be set as nonSME with the corresponding nonSME funding rates applicable.

2. WSQ Sell Products and Services. Winning Business Performance Through Effective CustomerFocused Selling Skills. Do your employees possess the knowledge, skills and motivation to convert a possible sale into a transaction when a potential customer dials your number or walks through the door? WSQ SELL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES WSQ CERTIFICATE IN RETAIL OPERATIONS Introduction This course aims to equip retail front line staff with the skills and knowledge required to determine customers requirements and learn how to sell products and services to meet customers needs and expectations. This is a competencybased workshop that issell products and services wsq Upon completion of this unit, the learner should have the knowledge and skills to apply the steps in selling products and services. The Sell Products and Services programme aims to equip learners with the knowledge and skills on how to segment their customers, determine consumers wants and needs and to apply effective selling techniques to

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Introduction. The WSQ Tourist Guide Training Programme aims to equip learners with the essential knowledge and application skills to describe Singapore heritage, culture, key landmarks, memorials, recommend Singapore experience, write& review tour commentary, conduct tour and enhance the guiding techniques of learners. sell products and services wsq This Competency Unit Sell Products and Services specifies the skills and knowledge required to determine customer requirements to sell products and services to Service Planning& Implementation (RETCEX. 1) INTRODUCTION The overall course objective of this module is to prepare participants to recognise the role that one plays in the service value chain, by utilising organisational service operations resources and communicate effectively in the team, so as to escalate and follow up with action on the service performance issues [ WSQ Courses. Design And Apply MakeUp; Interact with Customers; Maintain Professional Image; Maintain Professional Image With Colors; WSQ Sell Products and Services. WSQ Sell Products and Services. You will learn the following things in this course: Establish Customer Requirements; admin, superviser, warden, data entry, front office, administration resume in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia January 2019: textile, buyer, admin, pi, front office

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